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The KP521001 is a synchronous buck converter that operates over a wide input voltage range from 7V to 100V.

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Product Description

KP521001 A high voltage 100V synchronous BUCK Buck DCDC chip

The KP521001 is a synchronous buck converter that operates over a wide input voltage range from 7V to 100V. The minimum controllable turn-on time is 50ns and supports the step-down conversion ratio, which enables direct step-down from the high voltage bus to the low voltage track, reducing system complexity and solution cost.

The KP521001 features integrated high-end and low-end MOSFETs that deliver up to 1A output current and 3μA turn-off current, making it ideal for high-cell count battery pack applications. The KP52100X features a Current Mode Constant On-Time (CMCOT) control architecture for excellent load and line transient response.

The KP521001 includes automatic Power saving mode (PSM) operation for high light-load efficiency, programmable switching frequencies from 100kHz to 1.5MHz, flexibility to optimize efficiency or external component size, and open drain PGOOD indicators for timing, fault reporting, and output voltage monitoring. The KP521001 offers weekly term flow, overheat protection, output overvoltage protection, output undervoltage protection, and input undervoltage protection. The chip comes in two packages: SOP-8/ESOP8.

Product features:

• High reliability, stability design and application

• Wide input voltage range: 7V-100V

• Junction temperature range: -40℃ to +150℃

• Peak and valley periods period-by-period current limits

• Enter undervoltage and thermal protection functions

• Fault detection function

• Suitable for scalable industrial power supplies and battery packs

• The minimum on-off and off-off times are as low as 50ns. A wide duty cycle range is supported

• Adjustable switching frequency up to 1.5MHz

• 1% internal reference voltage accuracy

• High efficiency under light load PSM (KP521001) Strong PWM under light load (KP521009)

• 65µA no-load input static current

• 3µA shutdown static current

• Integration reduces solution size and cost

• CMCOT control architecture

• integrates 0.58Ω and 0.28Ω NFET

• Fixed 3ms internal soft boot time

• No loop compensation component


• Household appliances, power supplies and garden tools

• BMS (Electric bicycle, electric Scooter)

• Motor drives, unmanned aerial vehicles, telecommunications equipment

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