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The KP2806LGA is a high-performance, quasi-resonant (QR) Boost type (Boost) constant voltage power factor correction (PFC) controller.

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Product Description

High performance, quasi-resonant booster constant voltage PFC chip

The KP2806LGA is a high-performance, quasi-resonant (QR) Boost type (Boost) constant voltage power factor correction (PFC) controller. The chip adaptively operates in critical on-mode (CRM) and discontinuous on-mode (DCM). Full load when the chip works in CRM; When the load is reduced, the chip works in DCM, and the system's light-load efficiency is improved by reducing the operating frequency. By optimizing the CRM/DCM control algorithm and input line voltage feedforward compensation, the chip can easily achieve high power factor (PF) and low input harmonics (THD) performance. In addition, the chip further improves the light-load efficiency through the Burst mode and greatly reduces the system standby loss.

The KP2806LGA integrates demagnetization signal detection technology, eliminates the need for auxiliary winding detection demagnetization, and supports single-winding Boost inductance applications, simplifying system design and reducing production costs.

KP2806LGA is integrated with complete protection features, including: VDD Undervoltage protection (VDD UVLO), VDD Overvoltage protection (VDD OVP), Input Undervoltage protection (BOP), Output undervoltage protection (UVP), bipolar output overvoltage protection (OVP), cycle by cycle current Limitation (OCP), abnormal overcurrent protection (AOCP), overheat protection (OTP), and pin open short circuit protection.

Product features:

• Critical mode boosts PFC

• bottom conduction, maximum clamp frequency 500kHz

• Light load downshift mode and efficiency optimization

• Power factor >0.95, THD<10%

• THD optimization for light load intermittent mode

• Dynamic performance optimization

• Boost Follower function

• Supports single-winding inductance

• Built-in ±1.5% (@Tj=25℃) constant voltage reference voltage

• Built-in input line voltage feedforward function

• Configurable maximum on-off time (TON_MAX)

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