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The NE1189 is a dual-channel synchronous rectifier (SR) controller IC high performance system.

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Product Description

LLC synchronous rectifier chip

The NE1189 is a dual-channel synchronous rectifier (SR) controller IC high performance system. Using the appropriate gate drive method and independent sampled inputs to achieve maximum efficiency loads in any situation, the NE1189 operates over a wide supply range of voltages ranging from 4.7V to 38V, ultra-low static current and two-channel driver circuits for LLC resonant converter secondary transformer windings with center taps. Extremely low 10ns turn-off propagation delay time and high sink drive current (~2.5A) capability improve SR VDS stress.

The unique VG clamping circuit works well to prevent the VG from passing through the VD pin without VCC by rapidly rising, which avoids the primary side and the secondary side when the system is started if the SR VCC is still below 2V. The NE1189 has a proper logical protection function, internal logical locking and two-phase interlocking time can make the system more reliable.

Product advantages:

• Wide VCC voltage range operating from 4.7V-38V

• Ultra-low static current < 90uA

• Prevents DCM rings from triggering errors and 10ns fast shutdown

• Any Vth value compatible with VGA/VGB clamping circuit MOSFETs when VCC is below 2V

• VDA and VDB pins support negative voltage peak reduction to -3V

• Differential inputs for inductive emissions and source voltage MOSFET transistors for each SR

• Built-in dual channel logical lock

• Adaptive gate drivers for maximum efficiency

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