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KP86201 is a single-phase induction motor controller based on the direct AC-to-AC converter (DAACTM) architecture, which can realize a single-phase AC motor stepless speed regulation solution with high power density, high efficiency, high power factor and low harmonics.

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Product Description

KP86201 a single phase AC stepless speed regulation motor drive.

KP8620XXG is a single phase induction motor controller based on the Direct AC-AC Converter (DAACTM) architecture, which enables stepless speed regulation of single phase AC motors with high power density, high efficiency, high power factor and low harmonics. KP8620XXG built-in patented single-phase AC motor control algorithm, integrated high-voltage self-power supply function, built-in high-voltage boot-up diode, to achieve high-voltage half-bridge drive.

KP8620XXG supports a variety of speed control methods: PWM, voltage/resistance and optocoupler speed regulation, while providing grid voltage synchronous detection signal output. KP8620XXG integrates complete protection functions, including: VDD undervoltage protection (UVLO), internal overheat protection, cycle by cycle current limit, external adjustable overheat protection (OTP), interarm and bridge short road protection.

Product features:

• Patented DAAC® topology architecture

• Low THD (<1.5%), very low noise

• Suitable for various types of single-phase AC motors

• full load efficiency up to 99%

• Built-in AC voltage synchronous detection function

• High power factor

• High voltage self-supply, no low voltage power supply

• Built-in bootstrap high voltage drive circuit

• Compatible with analog/PWM speed regulation

• Integrates multiple protection functions:

• VDD Undervoltage Protection (UVLO)

• Internal overheat protection

• Output short-circuit protection and output short-circuit protection to ground

• External adjustable overheat protection

• Package types SOP-24 and SSOP24L(0.635-D1.40)

Product Application:

• Single-phase AC motor

• Floor fans, industrial fans, ceiling fans tower fans, mobile air conditioners, air purifiers

• Smoke machine, fresh air system, water heater, air conditioning unit

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