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The KP3111LGA is a non-isolated, highly integrated, and low-cost PWM power switch for step-down and step-down circuits.

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Product Description

High performance, low cost off-line PWM power switch

The KP3111LGA is a non-isolated, highly integrated, and low-cost PWM power switch for step-down and step-down circuits.

The KP3111LGA uses a high voltage single wafer process with a 500V high voltage MOSFET and a controller controlled by switching peak current mode integrated on the same wafer. High precision 5V default output is guaranteed in the full voltage input range. Inside the chip, the oscillator frequency is fixed at 31kHz with buffting function, which optimizes the EMI effect under the condition of ensuring the output power. At the same time, the chip is designed with heavy and heavy load mode, which can easily obtain standby power consumption of less than 50mW.

KP3111LGA integrates complete protection functions: VDD undervoltage protection, cycle by cycle current limit, overheat protection, overload protection and short circuit protection.

Main feature

• High precision 5V default output

• Integrated 500V high voltage MOSFET and high voltage start circuit

• Low system costs

• Support buck and lift circuit

• Switching peak current mode control

• Ultra-low standby power consumption less than 50mW

• Ultra-low operating current, support small VDD capacitance

• Integrated 31KHz oscillator with buffeting function

• Integrated soft start circuit

• Integrated protection features:

• Overload Protection (OLP)

• Overheat protection (OTP)

• Cycle Current Limit (OCP)

• Front blanking (LEB)

• VDD undervoltage protection

• Package types SOP-8, TO-92 and SOT23-3L

Typical application

• Power supply for small household appliances

• Auxiliary power supply

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