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500W, Single Stage LLC Power Supply Reference Design with KP2591(A)

The KP2591(A) is a resonant switching power controller based on half-bridge LLC resonant converter, which integrates half-bridge driver with 50% duty cycle, and the maximum operating frequency is up to 350kHz.

The demo board of KP2591(A) is a single stage LLCconverter without PFC stage to converter AC input voltage (180~265Vac/50Hz) to isolated 48V DC output. The demo board has a regulated 48V output that can handle up to 10.5A of continuous output current for AC input range of 200~265Vac/50Hz (burn-in 2 hours @ open air of Ta=25 ℃ with no airflow), and 9.5A of continuous output current for 180Vac/50Hz.

And the demo board is integrated with complete protection functions, such as output OVP, output short-circuit protection, output over load protection, AC brown-out protection, and so on.

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