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The ultra-compact 40V series of buck converters are used in areas such as smart home appliances.


With the improvement of consumers' quality of life, networked remote control makes smart home appliances with a "sense of science and technology" halo become a new generation of "network red". At the same time, led by the concept of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", accompanied by the upgrading of Internet of Things technology, higher requirements are put forward for the energy efficiency of smart home appliances. The traditional low voltage differential linear voltage regulator (LDO) power supply scheme can not meet the market demand gradually. The easy-to-use switching power converter (Buck) with high efficiency, high reliability and low EMI is gradually entering the smart home appliance market.

Thanks to higher conversion efficiency and load capacity than LDO, DC-DC buck converters are widely used in refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. Biyi Micro is deeply engaged in power management chips, and is willing to work with the majority of engineers to help upgrade science and technology. Biyi Micro new launch ultra-compact 40V series buck converter for smart home appliances and other fields. This series is an easy-to-use synchronous buck DC/DC converter with a wide input range of 6V to 40V, capable of driving up to 1A/1.8A load currents.

Product features:

For demanding industrial applications

● Input voltage range: 6V-40V

● Support pre-biased output soft boot

● Input overvoltage protection/Undervoltage lock

● Soil 1% output voltage accuracy

●1A/1.8A continuous output current

● Output overvoltage/undervoltage protection

● Over-temperature protection

The solution is small and easy to use

● Integrated 270mQ P-type high side MOSFETs

● Integrated 135mQ N-type low-side MOSFETs

● Fixed 5V output

(KP521405 , KP521405A , KP522405)

● Built-in compensation circuit

● Built-in soft start circuit

● Fixed 3.3V output

(KP521403 , KP521403A , KP522403)

Optimized design for home appliance applications

● Single-layer PCB layout can be realized

● Low switching speed mitigates EMI problems

Product package:

Highlight 1 - Ultra-Thin Periphery:

By integrating a P-type high-side MOSFETs and N-type low-side MOSFETs, external bootstrap capacitors and Schottky diodes are eliminated. The internal implementation of soft start and compensation circuits reduces the number of peripheral components, and the fixed 5V or 3.3V output mode further reduces the number of peripheral components, making it easy to achieve single-layer PCB layout.

Highlight 2 - High conversion efficiency:

Under the inductance with DCR of 230mΩ, the whole machine still has excellent efficiency performance. Test at normal temperature, 12V input to 5V output, the highest efficiency reached 94.5%, full load output product shell temperature only 48.1 °C.

Highlight 3 - Input overvoltage protection:

When the input voltage exceeds the safety threshold instantaneously, the input overvoltage protection will be triggered, which makes the product more resistant to voltage spikes and more reliable.

Highlight 4 - Excellent EMI characteristics:

Low switching rate design makes EMI easier. Demo board radiation passed EN55032 Class B standard and sufficient margin.


Biyi Micro new 40V series products have wide input voltage, compact periphery, good EMI performance and single panel wiring; Support large current, high conversion efficiency, strong stability, low switching rate design is especially suitable for applications with EMI requirements.

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